Holt's Disc Golf club

Holt's Golf Club gives you the ability to find people who are looking for players to practice golf courses in the area; also find local golf course information, location sizes, number of holes, local golf events, tournaments, and more!!!

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Holt's Disc Golf club

Tri-cities area on Facebook!!!!

Facebook's social networking site allows me to connect Club Members to each other and meet up with location sharing no more meet me here,  where are you, or I can't find it!

Never play alone again.

Meet new players,try new courses, sharpen your skills, and 

make a name for your growing 

 Disc Golf career.

Getting your name out to the Disc Golf community is a big part of going (Pro) this website is designed to help you get to the Top

Good luck!!

Let's go Golf

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Holt disc golf club also offers a 5% discount on PDGA membership