Winged Deer Disc Golf Course: Located at 770 Carroll Creek Road, Johnson City, TN 37604 will lead you straight to the front gate of this exciting and very popular course. Highly recommend the visit to this one. This course contains 18 holes with a lot of walking in a beautiful scenery to enjoy as you move to each challenging hole. Across the street from Boone Lake.

ETSU Disc Golf Course: Located where Pirate Road and Treasure Road meet in Johnson City, TN 37604 brings you directly to Hole 1. This is a short 9 hole course with a few hills to climb to retrieve your discs. Also offers glow golf on Thursday nights during summer months for doubles with a $5.00 fee per person; starts at dusk so grab a partner and join in the fun. If your just looking for a quick round very good course when pressured for time. But if time is available try taking a stroll around the college campus where other activities are available and a beautiful fountain to sit at directly in the middle.

Kiwanis Disc Golf Course: Located at 1527 Persimmon Ridge Road, Jonesborough, TN 37659 located directly before Wetlands Waterpark; play a round of 18 holes in partly wooded area with many hiking trails, then jump on over and enjoy a swim with the family. Start out early and make a exciting and extremely fun day for the family. Pack a lunch or Wetlands has a café your choice.

  1. Harmon Hills Disc Golf Course: Located at 7870 Old Snaps Ferry Road,Fall Branch, TN 37656. This course is a very lengthy journey with 27 holes to play and a moderately hilly environment. Don't make many other plans for the day if you plan to try this one out. Great course, but requires time and energy. This course is a private owner who provides the course on his own property and located at the beginning in front of the owners home is a donation box. Feel free to enjoy a home brewed beer for volunteering to help with the course. Any donation is appreciated.

Warrior's Path State Park Disc Golf Course: Located at 490 Hemlock Road, Kingsport, TN 37663. This course is another lengthy one with 27 holes with a bit of traveling between. Mostly wooded areas with terrific over water holes. Go play a round, pack a lunch, and enjoy the lovely park or take swim in the lake. Another family friendly course option to make a day of it. Paddle boats, canoes, and others are available to rent so after a long game take a relaxing ride around the lake.

Borden Park Disc Golf Course: Located at 901 Lamont Street, Kingsport, TN 37664. Looking for an easy beginners course, this exactly the spot for you; with only 18 holes and little trees and flatland. Need to just warm up your game or practice for that upcoming tournament this is a great area to go. Includes jungle gyms, swing sets, basketball and tennis courts, restrooms, and designated picnic area. Another great course with many other activities to do.

Steels Creek Park Disc Golf Course: Located at 4 Little Lane, Bristol, TN 37620; this is a short, but very nice course with 9 holes, each with 2 tee pads. Each tee pad is set with a different par for the individual hole. This is another course with many family attractions from boat rentals, train rides, and nature trails. Take a quick swing at the 9 then off for a family boat and train ride. Very clean and well maintained park. Pet friendly for all you animal lovers bring your furry four legged friend along for the game, if only to keep you company.

Holt disc golf club also offers a 5% discount on PDGA membership